We are a small but very active temple and are the only Jewish entity within about 45 minutes of Lima, Ohio. We are a Reform Temple that merged with our local Conservative Synagogue in the mid-1960's. We have an ordained Cantor, Deborah Bletstein, who come to us two weekends a month for Shabbat Eve Services and Saturday morning Adult Education classes.  

Our synagogue was designed by renowned architect Percival Goodman.

Shalom from the President

Welcome! We are a small but thriving congregation reaching out to you to join us and help us grow!  We would encourage some younger families with children to join us, and we warmly welcome all those Jewish families who move to our area. We celebrate all Jewish holidays together and have potluck dinners one Shabbat per month before the Sabbath Service.  We also have Cantor Debbie Bletstein, who comes to us twice a month from the Detroit area to serve as our song-leader and who also chants the Torah portions during Shabbat services.

We are a merged Reform and Conservative synagogue, with a local core of members and many who maintain memberships out of the area.

Star of David


We are a welcoming community to all - regardless of race or sexual orientation and we are handicap-accessible. We have a few families in mixed religious marriages who are warmly welcomed and do actively participate.